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My Music Swiss Army Knife

As a music lover, I’m always looking for new and useful places and things to draw inspiration from. And because of the eternal ebb and flow of moods, emotions and thoughts, my taste in music is often too varied to pin down media and sources to inform my musical digestion. However, though these shifts remain constant, here are a few treasured tools I return to and frequently use on my journey through music.


A true testament to how the music industry can benefit from technology. This app uses the microphone of your device to identify virtually any song. I can attribute at least 50% of my current music playlists to songs I have overheard on the radio, or at a party or pretty much anywhere, which this little guy has picked up for me.


The two mammoths of the internet. Both a promising platform for musical talent, young and old, to showcase their skills and for musical connoisseurs to pick and choose their own brands of lyrical addiction.

Music Notes

My go to source for any music I need to learn how to play. Even when my fingers itch for the unreachable black and white ivory of my piano, I take comfort in reading through the songs I can’t play, like watching a movie on mute or reading a book review for a good novel.

Garage Band

When access to the instruments themselves is few and far between, I turn to this program to quench my creative thirst. And while I don’t see it as a replacement to the art of composing and crafting music through the instruments themselves, it’s a method of music creation which is leading music into the 21st century.

August Rush & Whiplash

Last but not least, these films serve as a reminder to me of the light and the dark side of music. While Hollywood has taken their creative liberties with both, these films both strike the heart of how music can infiltrate and change the lives of the people who simply let it in. Both must sees for any music lovers.