“We can change this whole world with a piano. Add a bass, some guitar, grab a beat and away we go.”

Music is a universal concept, touching and shaping lives across cultures, ages and eras. This blog is an exploration of the inescapable quality of music and how it can seep into every phase and experience of our lives. It is the soundtrack to life itself.

Music can be cold and precise. It can be demanding, steeped in discipline and training. Black and white. Right or wrong. It can be measured and counted, read and practiced.

And yet, music can be expressive and captivating. It can be a form of escapism, stimulating journeys within the mind. Or it can illuminate the place you are right now.

Music has at times been my destruction and my curse. But it has also been my salvation and my grounding.

Music can make or break us. It’s a dangerous and mysterious beauty. But it’s a part of this world which is worth exploring. And this blog seeks to find and illuminate the deeply entrenched ways in which music is evident and valuable within each part of our lives.

So plug in, tune out, warm up, measure the tempo to the beating of your heart. And let the music play.